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Having successfully treated termite infestions for over 60 years They have absorbed a wealth of knowledge that they offers their clients.

Chemical Treatment versus "Bait Stations"

Termites were and are controlled by proper application of Termiticides applied in proper doses, in proper volumes, at specific locations. These termiticides are both a repellant and a kill. If termites venture close to the application they are repelled and if they should attempt to breach the protected area they are killed. This method and these Termiticides have years upon years of proven results.

On the other hand there are" Bait Stations" and accompanying theories that have been introduced in recent years that offer control by "baiting" the termites with small pieces of wood around the perimeter of your house. The theory is that the termite feeds on these small pieces of wood while forgoing your large house and that the bait is then carried back to the colony where it eradicates that colony. THEY DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THAT THEORY.

We go behind far more homes than we would care to who have previously used the 'baiting method" and have had to retreat using termiticides in order to get the termite infestion under control. In addition the "Baiting treatment and continuing coverage may be 2 or 3 times the cost of chemical application. GRAPEVINE PEST CONTROL does not offer any "'BAITING PROGRAMS." If you are inclined to use Baits, we suggest you visit your local Home Depot or Lowes and purchase the baiting staitions and install them yourself. But please keep our phone number handy for future help.

GRAPEVINE PEST CONTROL does not make its customers sign any contracts. As long as we produce the results for you and keep our promises, then we feel we will always have you as a customer. We do not beleive in customer turnover ... we want your business now and in the future.

GRAPEVINE PEST CONTROL prides itself on keeping its appointments as close to the time as humanly possible. We know your time is valuable and there are no 8 to 5 windows. We set you a firm time and rarely do not achieve showing up at that time or a little earlier and if we are running late you will always be called in advance to advise.